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A first priority objective within ACTINET is to pool selected parts of the major facilities of some large European institutes (CEA, ITU, KIT, HZDR, and PSI) and to operate this pool as a multi-site user facility, in order to make it accessible through a competitive selection of joint projects.

The pooled facilities are laboratories that allow the handling of radioactive material at various levels of activity (from dilute solutions to high concentrations of actinides and spent nuclear fuel) and under specific conditions (inert gas boxes), with access to analytical techniques and specific characterization methods (elementary and isotopic analysis, laser spectroscopy, synchrotron radiation etc.).

For more information on the Pooled Facilities per core member, click on their link below.


ITU labs & hot cells

INE labs - INE beamline


PSI beamline & MicroXAS


TALISMAN additional Facilities


Chalmers Alpha and Fuel Labs

NNL Central Lab


Download the TALISMAN Pooled Facilities Brochure