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January 23rd-24th 2013, CEA, Marcoule (France)

The second ACTINET-I3 Plenary Meeting was held in Avignon, France, 23-24 January 2013.
ACTINET-I3 is a FP7 EURATOM Integrated Infrastructure Initiative, offering transnational access to the key research facilities in Europe dedicated to actinide chemistry. This Plenary Meeting is widely open to the Actinide Science Community which can benefit from the network services.

This Meeting was the occasion to make a status of the work achieved all along the last three years within ACTINET-I3, with a focus on the Transnational Access and the research activities on actinide chemistry in Europe
This meeting was also the occasion to present TALISMAN, which is the follow-up of ACTINET-I3 and to initiate future fruitful collaborations with the TALISMAN Partners.

You will find here the agenda of this meeting.


Link to the presentations of the meeting (restricted access).