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Transnational Access to Large Infrastructure
for a Safe Management of ActiNide

Safety issues are of fundamental importance for the acceptance and sustainable application of nuclear energy and this was strongly reinforced following the Fukushima accident. Actinides play a central role in the nuclear fuel cycle from mining, fuel fabrication, energy production, up to the reprocessing, partitioning and transmutation treatment of used fuel, and finally management and disposal of radioactive waste. Fundamental understanding of actinide properties and behaviour in fuel materials during the separation processes and in geological repositories is an imperative prerequisite to tackle all the related safety issues.

Unravelling the complexity of the principal actinide components of used nuclear fuel certainly represents one of the greatest challenges in nuclear science. To meet the needs of safe and sustainable management of nuclear energy, it is essential to maintain a high level of expertise in actinide sciences in Europe and to prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers who will contribute to developing safe actinide management strategies. Because actinides are radioactive elements, their study requires specific tools and facilities that are only available to a limited extent in Europe.

Only a few academic and research organisations have the capabilities and licenses to work on these elements under safe conditions. It is therefore strategic to coordinate the existing actinide infrastructures in Europe and to strengthen the community of European scientists working on actinides. Within TALISMAN we offer access to the ‘historic’ ACITNET Pooled Facilities to which two new facilities have been added: NNL Central Lab in the UK and CHALMERS in Sweden. You will find more information on them in this newsletter.

In conclusion, TALISMAN will lead and coordinate a network of actinide facilities across Europe, but also manage a network between facilities and users that will increase our knowledge for a safer management of actinides. It will also enhance the efforts made to support education and training issues by continuing the ACTINET Summer School series and travel grant attributions for attending international conferences.

Dr. Stéphane Bourg
Coordinator of TALISMAN