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TALI_C01-01 CEA Marcoule HZDR-ROBL Impact of synthesis process on homogeneity at atomic sclae of 5U,Am)O2-x samples (probed by XAS)
TALI_C01-02 ITU HZDR-ROBL XANES studies of the sodium uranates Na3UO4, Na4UO5 and Na2U2O7
TALI_C01-04 ITU HZDR-ROBL Local structure and oxidation state of uranium-plutonium mixed dioxide samples laser heated beyond melting
TALI_C01-05 IPNL HZDR-ROBL EXAFS characterization of extracted U(VI) complexes in an ionic liquid by TBP and malonamide extractants
TALI_C01-06 UNIWROC KIT-INE Structure and spectroscopy of Cm(III) tetracarbonates
TALI_C01-07 SPSUniv KIT-INE Structure and bonding in actinyl nitrate complexes
TALI_C01-08 CTU CEA-ATAL Determining the feasibility of TRLIF for the speciation of Am(III) in solutions
TALI_C01-09 AMPHOS 21 KIT-INE Desorption and sorption of U and Th from the waste contained in the decantation basins B1 and B2 of the site of Malvési, France: dynamic experiments and beamline measurements
TALI_C01-10 POLIMI CEA-ATAL Speciation studies on newly complexing agents for An selective stripping
TALI_C01-11 CNRS-ICSM HZDR-ROBL Characterization of uranothorite solid solution (Th1-xUxSiO4) by EXAFS; from syntheses and purification to dissolution
TALI_C01-13 UNICOPEN KIT-INE Structural elucidation of trivalent actinides retention by iron (hydr)oxides
TALI_C01-14 IEM-CSIC PSI Post-Irradiation Analysis of an Actinide Target Material for the Production of Exotic Isotope Ion Beams - Phase 2
TALI_C01-15 JUGUM PSI Speciation of neptunium along diffusion pathways in Opalinus Clay using μ-XAFS and μ-XRF
TALI_C01-16 FRMII-TUM ITU Studies of diffusion reactions of U-Mo/Al fuels under heavy ion irradiations: out-of-pile simulations
TALI_C01-17 ITU KIT-INE XAS study of the U-Np-O system
TALI_C01-18 ITU HZDR-ROBL Local structure of annealed and damaged minor actinides bearing transmutation fuels
TALI_C01-19 ULANC ITU A fundamental study of the interactions of Am wit stell surfaces
TALI_C01-20 CEA Marcoule ITU MET study of radiation defects in self-irradiated U1-yAmyO2-x
TALI_C01-21 CEA Marcoule ITU Knudsen effusion mass spectroscopy measurements and thermodynamic modelling of the U-Am-O system
TALI_C02-01 CNRS-ICSM ATALANTE preparation of Pu(IV) intrinsic colloids
TALI_C02-01 CNRS-ICSM ITU preparation of Pu(IV) intrinsic colloids
TALI_C02-01 CNRS-ICSM ROBL preparation of Pu(IV) intrinsic colloids
TALI_C02-02 RAS ATALANTE Electronic and structural behaviour of An(IV) complexes in solution by NMR
TALI_C02-03 IIC CHALMERS Irradiation of CyMe4-BTBP and BTPhen samples at Chalmers Hot Labs Irradiation Facility for
TALI_C02-05 JUELICH ROBL investigation of solid state characteristics in the USiO4-ZrSiO4 solid silution system
TALI_C02-06 CEA-DEC ROBL EXAFS/XANES experiments for studying the hyper-stoichiometric phases in the U-Pu-O system
TALI_C02-07 UEDIN ITU Covalency and CCI studies through reduction and metal-metal interactions in transuranic molecules
TALI_C02-08 ITU KIT-ANKA HRXANES studies of the electronical structure of UAmO(2+x) and associated system
TALI_C02-09 CEA-DTEC KIT-ANKA in situ XAS measurements at hifh temperature on transuranium bearing oxide fules and precursors
TALI_C02-10 KTH KIT-LAB impact of bentonite colloids size on actinide sorptionn/desortion propoerties
TALI_C02-11 AMPHOS21 KIT-LAB Study of redox state of U, Pu, Tc and under highly alkaline conditions in teh presence of iron corrosion products
TALI_C02-12 PSI KIT-LAB Retention of Np in Fe(II)/clay systems: a wet chemistry , surface complexation modelling and Xray abstraction sopectroscopy  study
TALI_C02-12 PSI ROBL Retention of Np in Fe(II)/clay systems: a wet chemistry , surface complexation modelling and Xray abstraction sopectroscopy  study
TALI_C02-13 UNIMAN KIT-LAB application of synchrotron µ-focus techniques to Np(V) uptake by geological materails
TALI_C02-14 CEA-DTCD ITU High minor actinides loading factor in nuclear glass: helium solubility and mechanisms of helium bubble nucleation
TALI_C03-01 KIT ITU Advanced spectroscopic and microscopic investigations of Pu-doped borosilicate glass
TALI_C03-02 Trinity College Dublin KIT-INE Neptunium Incorporation into Minerals: A Synthetic and X-ray Spectroscopic Study
TALI_C03-03 CEA-CAD KIT-INE Electronic structure determination of actinides (Th, U, Np, Pu and Am) in mixed oxide materials.
TALI_C03-04 WSU KIT-INE Rapid Estimation of Actinide Complexation Constants in Mixed Solvent Media
TALI_C03-05 ENSCP ITU Synthesis, characterization and physical properties measurements of sodium plutonate compounds
TALI_C03-06 IPNL ROBL EXAFS characterization of extracted uranium (VI) complexes in an ionic liquid by malonamides extractants
TALI_C03-07 UVIenne PSI Potential for mobilization of uranium from depleted uranium (DU) penetrators
TALI_C03-08 CTU CHALMERS Photo- and radiation induced preparation of uranium and/or thorium oxides
TALI_C03-09 JGUM PSI Time-series of Np(V) diffusion profiles in Opalinus Clay measured by μ-XRF and μ-XANES
TALI_C03-10 Studsvik PSI Selenium redox speciation and coordination in a high burn-up spent U02 fuel from the Oskarshamn boiling water reactor (Sweden): a micrometer scale X-ray fluorescence and X-ray absorption fine structure study
TALI_C03-11 Unis Szeged KIT-INE Thermodynamic study on the complexation of gluconate with An(III) in dilute to concentrated MgCl2 solutions
TALI_C03-12 ITU ROBL XAS studies of sodium neptunates, sodium plutonates and sodium uranoplutonates.
TALI_C03-13a CEA-CAD KIT-ANKA Minimum melting temperatures and HR-XANES studies of (Ux,Pu1-x)O2 with varying plutonium content.
TALI_C03-13b CEA-CAD ITU Minimum melting temperatures and HR-XANES studies of (Ux,Pu1-x)O2 with varying plutonium content.
TALI_C03-14 CEA-CAD KIT-ANKA In-situ high temperature XAS experiments on uranium-plutonium mixed oxides under oxidizing and reducing conditions.
TALI_C03-15 BRGM ROBL Influence of Fe associated to clay minerals on the retention of uranium and technetium: Surface induced redox reactions and kinetics.
TALI_C04-01 RKU Heidelberg HZDR-ROBL EXAFS study on the pH dependence of Am(III) complexation with lactate
TALI_C04-02 ITE, Germany HZDR-ROBL Thermal recovery of self irradiation induced structural defects in transmutation fuels.
TALI_C04-03 Sheffield University JRC-ITU Labs Hot Cells The characterisation of uranium containing lanthanium zirconates (La2Zr2-xUxO7) as a ceramic waste form for long term disposal of both uranium and as an analogue for plutonium.
TALI_C04-05 ITE, Germany HZDR-ROBL First principles understanding of the local structure of lavas formed in nuclear reactor accidents
TALI_C04-07 EdimburghUniversity JRC-ITU Labs Hot Cells Covalency and CCI studies through reduction and oxo-transfer phenomena in transuranic molecules.
TALI_C04-08 CEA Cadarache KIT-INE Beamline Determination of charge distribution and O/(U+Am) ratios in uranium-americium mixed oxides using in-situ XAS measurements at high temperature
TALI_C04-09 INP-Grenoble JRC-ITU Labs Hot Cells Laser heating study on the U-Zr-Fe-O in-vessel corium system
TALI_C04-12 Hungarian Academy of Sciences PSI - MicroXAS Beamline Micro-XAS investigation of the mechanism of uranium and thorium uptake by argillaceous rocks
TALI_C04-13 FZ-Jülich, Germany HDZR - ROBL Investigation of the complex stoichiometry of [Am(CyMe4BTPhen)x] complexes in ionic liquid
TALI_C04-14 University of Vienna PSI Beamline Potential for mobilization of uranium from depleted uranium (DU) penetrators
TALI_C04-15 Politecnico of Milano CEA-Atalante Radiolytic behaviour of irradiated PyTri-Diol/PyTri-Tetraol solutions within simulated GANEX process
TALI_C04-16 UNIMAN KIT-INE Labs Development of Simplified Separation Systems Based on Amino Acid Appended DTPA Derivatives for trivalent Actinide/Lanthanide Separations that Self-Buffer at Low pH
TALI_C04-17 INCT, Poland CEA-Atalante Coordination chemestry of Uranium (IV, VI) and Plutonium (IV) with a hydrophilic poly-N-dentate BTP lignad
TALI_C04-18 NNL CEA-Atalante Stability and structure of Np(V)-U(VI) cation-cation in TBP organic phase
TALI_C05-01 CEA HZDR-ROBL Structure of Np(V)_U(VI) cation-cation in TBP organic phase
TALI_C05-04 Uni Manchester CEA-Atalante Investigating the oxidation state stability, preference and disproportionation mechanisms of imidodiphosphinates complexes of plutonium
TALI_C05-05 Uni Nevada CEA-Atalante Speciation of technetium in the PUREX process: redox behavior, hydrolysis and complexation
TALI_C05-06 ITU HZDR-ROBL & KIT-INE Beamline Coupling XAS, NMR and EELS to reassess the structural cluster defect in UO2+x
TALI_C05-07 Uni Copenhagen JRC-ITU Magnetism of highly symmetrical chain structures involving tetravalent actinide ions
TALI_C05-08 LANL KIT-INE Beamline Quantitative Analysis of Actinyl (U, Np, and Pu) Orbital Mixing
TALI_C05-09 Uni Bristol JRC-ITU Dynamics and reactivity of Generation IV nuclear fuel materials and their corrosion product
TALI_C05-10 CEA JRC-ITU Study of extended defects induced by in pile irradiations in UO2.
TALI_C05-11 Uni Warsaw HZDR-ROBL & Labs Interaction of technetium (III, IV and III,IV) with neptunium in acidic media
TALI_C05-12 Uni St Petersburg KIT-INE Labs The effect of weak and strong donor ligands on the axial O=An=O bonds in actinyl(VI) complexes
TALI_C05-13 Uni Sheffield PSI Characterisation of uranium speciation in soils from a uranium processing site.
TALI_C05-14 CEA HZDR-ROBL & JRC-ITU Determination of O/(U+Am) ratios, charge distribution and local structure in uranium-americium mixed oxides using XAS and EELS measurements
TALI_C05-15 CNRS HZDR-ROBL Investigation of sulfato-complexes of uranium(VI) in a hydrophobie ionie liquid
TALI_C05-16 Uni Heidelberg HZDR-ROBL EXAFS study on the complexation of Am(III) with formate as a function of the pH-value
TALI_C05-17 ICSM CEA-Atalante & HZDR-ROBL & JRC-ITU Effect of the preparation method on the properties of Pu(IV) intrinsic colloids
TALI_C05-18 Uni Lille HZDR-Labs Synthesis and characterization of polymer and cluster complexes of tetravalent neptunium (Np(IV))
TALI_C05-19 GIGCAS HZDR-ROBL & Labs The influence of substituted ions in pyrite on the reduction of U(VI) and Tc(VII) at the pyrite-water interface
TALI_C05-20 CEA HZDR-ROBL Speciation of co-extracted technetium complexes with monoamides
TALI_C05-21 KIT CEA-Atalante High energy resolution X-ray absorption near edge structure (HR-XANES) and Raman investigations of high actinide loaded boro- and alumosilicate glasses
TALI_C06-02 JRS Chalmers Fundamental study of Tc precipitation with Ferroin nitrate from SNF reprocessing solutions with the aim to evaluate the possibility of reprecipitation and a role that irradiated precipitant plays in it
TALI_C06-03 CEA JRC-ITU Enthalpy of formation and heat capacity measurements on UOF4 compound
TALI_C06-04 CEA JRC-ITU Laser-melting experiments and correlated Raman spectroscopy analysis on (Ux, Am1-x)O2 samples with varying americium content
TALI_C06-06 JRC-ITU Surface science of g-U alloys and their hydrides
TALI_C06-08 Jülich PSI Investigations of the physio chemical and structural properties of monodisperse uranium particles for Nuclear Safeguards Applications
TALI_C06-09 CTU Chalmers Gamma-ray radiolysis of CyMe4-BTBP and CyMe4-BTPhen in their solutions in cyclohexanone-based diluents or FS-13
TALI_C06-10 Jülich HZDR-ROBL Investigation of solid-state characteristics in the UO2-Nd2O3 solid-solution system
TALI_C06-11 Jülich JRC-ITU Synthesis and characterization of La(1-x)PuxPO4 (x = 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1) solid solutions
TALI_C06-12 ASCR JRC-ITU Magnetic anisotropy of hybrid nanostructures based on uranium dioxide
TALI_C06-13 CEA JRC-ITU Effect of the alpha radioactivity on glass leaching behavior: solid characterisations of the altered layer
TALI_C06-14 CEA NNL Neptunium - Fission Products Interactions (NepFPI)
TALI_C06-15 INCT KIT-INE Beamline TRLFS search of heteroleptic Cm(III)/Eu(III) complexes with TODGA and SO3-Ph-BTP ligands in solvent extraction systems
TALI_C06-16 UNIMAN KIT-INE Beamline Understanding transuranic binding mechanisms and speciation on stainless steel in order to aid decontamination processes