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Last update: 05/02/2015

TALISMAN continues to grant transnational access to European Pooled Facilities (PF) dedicated to actinide chemistry through calls for proposals in which you can submit Joint Research Projects developed in collaboration with (at least) one PF. In a systematic study of actinide behavior outlined in the proposal also the long-lived fission product technetium can be included. These calls are widely open to the European scientific community and associated states.


The TALISMAN rules

TALISMAN gives you the opportunity to come and work in a European Nuclear Research Facility and will pay for

  • Your travel to join the nuclear research facility
  • Your subsistence during your research period (from short to long stays)
  • The specific trainings needed to be allowed to work in a nuclear facility
  • The sample transportation, if needed

Neither you nor your institute will receive any direct specific funding.

Important rule: To be paid by the project, the JRP has to be achieve and finalized (including the providing of the requested reports) within TALISMAN time-frame, ie before 31/12/2015.

How to answer a call?

To succeed in your proposal, you have to

  • Contact an TALIMSAN Pooled Facility (via the relevant contact person).
  • Propose a Joint Research Project (JRP) requiring specific tools available in this facility in one of the specific topics identified in the call.
  • Structure your research program with the help of a research facility member, taking into account the safety requirements of the facility, the availability of the experimental or analytical devices. Describe as precisely as possible the implementation plan, as requested.
  • Fill the proposal form which must be signed both by you and the pooled facility contact person.
  • In case of access request to different Pooled Facility (PF) within one proposal the access days have to be documented and a signature both from the proposer and the pooled facility contact person is required.NEW!

You can not submit a proposal alone. Any proposal without contacting a TALISMAN Pooled Facility will be refused.

After issuing the call, you have 6 weeks to prepare your proposal and send the form.


The selection process

Your proposal will be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Committee and validated by the Executive Committee, if it is judged relevant with the TALIMSAN objectives as described in the call.

The result of the evaluation will usually be published about 6 to 8 weeks after the end of the call.