28 September - 2 October 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany

The ThUL School 2015 in Actinide Chemistry

The ThUL school 2015 within TALISMAN took place September 28 – October 2 in Karlsruhe at the training facility FTU at KIT Campus North. The overall number of particpants was 30 from both theory and experiments including master students, graduate students, post-docs, staff from research facilities and speakers. The lectures covered relativistic quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, effective core potentials, multi-configurational methods, EXAFS, and magnetic properties. As lecturers we could win Saue (Toulouse), Vallet (Lille), Joly (Grenoble), Patzschke (Dresden), Kerridge (Lancaster), Chilton (Manchester), Weigand (Cologne) and Ikeda (Rossendorf) and local speakers from KIT-INE who presented the current research activities. Computer exercises including an introduction to software were given for the packages ADT, ORCA and FDMNES. The lab tour this year was a guited visit to the KIT synchrotron facility ANKA. The ThUL School 2015 further included a poster session, a school dinner and an excursion to the technical museum in Speyer.